Marrying a farmer and a move to the country ignited Ruth’s passion for wool and yarns

She started working with sheep, goats, alpacas and the greatest animal love of her life – llamas.  They all had one thing in common, a great natural fibre that provided sustainable warmth, protection and beauty to human beings throughout the world.

This created a calling into the natural fibre industry.  The production of yarns (both natural and dyed) become a focus and were wholesaled throughout New Zealand and Australia.  Loving the personal connection with her customers, Ruth with her cousin Vicki opened a Natural Fibre Boutique in Nelson for 8 years -  letting their creative sides run wild.

Nelson Merino is just another step on her New Zealand made natural fibre journey.  With sales online and a ‘shop front’ at the iconic Nelson market, Ruth can continue to connect and share her passion.